DraVA Driving Coach Making Roads Safer

Now available for Android; iOS version coming soon.


Key Features

DraVA brings you outstanding user experience and cutting edge technology.

Mentor-Mentee link

A mentor (e.g. parent) can seamlessly link to multiple mentees (teen drivers)

Safety Index

Advanced data science and machine learning score drivers on key indicators.


Locate your mentees last known location


Powerful sensor technology and signal processing accurately captures driver behavior

Trip History

View trip history with violations.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Safe drivers have the opportunity to enjoy lower car insurance premiums in the near future.

DraVA Driving Coach

DraVA combines easy-to-use technology and smart data science to make it easier for people to become safer drivers. For the first time drivers are empowered with real world driving behaviour data and insight to become safer drivers.

This is a must have app for parents with teens who are just starting to drive. Teen drivers get access to critical driving behaviour data to enable them to become safer drivers. Parents get the peace of mind of knowing their teens are driving safely.

In the near future, safe drivers in Malaysia will have the opportunity to enjoy lower car insurance premiums.

App Screenshot

DraVA's industry leading design makes the app intuitive even to the most novice user.


DraVA CEO Koh Mui Han introduces DraVA

Koh Mui Han CEO & Co-Founder

DraVA CTO Shanmuga Pillaiyan explains the technology behind DraVA

Shanmuga Pillaiyan CTO & Co-Founder

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